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Plan on Transit Safety 

Our transportation system needs to be safer for passengers and operators, who are increasingly placed in unpleasant and undesirable circumstances. So, as mayor, I'll protect operators and passengers from assaults while helping vulnerable people in need. The strategy we'll employ to make our transit system safer is as described below.

  • Work with the Winnipeg Police Board to allocate eight (8) police officers to monitor neighbourhoods that are prone to violence and assault selectively. Bus operators can press a panic button to alert transit supervisors and police officers if there is assault or violence on the bus, or passengers can text 123 or dial 456. In case of emergency, call 911. Although they can assist with other city operations, these police officers' main responsibility is to handle transit-related issues.

  • Provide an extended shield around the bus operator's seat.

  • Increase the number of transit supervisors and auxiliary force cadets in areas prone to assault and violence.

  • Offer an upgraded radio network.

  • Continue to train operators, transit supervisors, and police officers.

  • Ensure that the police officers, transit supervisors, and operators work closely together.

  • Follow up with the offenders and turn them to organizations that will help them.

  • The city makes performance data available to the public every month.

  • Addressing difficulties with mental health, addictions, and homelessness at the same time.

  • Create a Winnipeg Transit Police force


  • CBC News. (2022, July 25). Two people were arrested after separate incidents on July 24, Winnipeg police say. 

  • CBC News. (2022, August 24). Winnipeg Transit drivers rally to make safety on buses election priority.

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