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"I have the strong believe that my skills are transferrable to the city's top political gig. I've been managing projects, managing people, and managing teams. I lead. So, I believe that with all those experiences I've acquired, when I get this, I'll be able to apply those to make sure we're working together. It's not something I can do on my own."

-Idris Ademuyiwa Adelakun, 2022



Collaborate with the stakeholders to tackle homelessness, addictions, mental health and more. I will work with social enterprises and ensure our people can get back on their feet. We do not only need to provide a safe place, but also a rehabilitation. It is imperative to boost safety in our city.


Lower taxes and find new ways to generate revenue for the city. There is a need to encourage investors to come to our city. We need to embrace technological innovation and create an environment that will allow Winnipeggers to showcase their talents and support their ideas.


There is a need to boost the quality of our parks, transportation, provide better roads, libraries, and clearing sidewalks on time. We need to manage projects effectively, evaluate return on investment and payback period. It is worth looking into the problem of urban sprawl in our city. We need to evaluate residential infill housing and outward expansion. Residential infill housing will allow Winnipeggers to access public transportation than outward expansion.


I will encourage the implementation of clean energy. There is a need to improve on waste management. We need to find a way to resolve dumping of sewage into the rivers.

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